Forthcoming Articles

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June 2023: VOLUME 76, NUMBER 1


Pape, María. “A Form for the Masses! The Brazilian Process of Politicization in Patrícia Galvão’s Parque Industrial” 

Garriga, Ana. “Materiales para acercar mundos: América en las cartas y fundaciones de Teresa de Jesús” 

Sedano, Nagore. “In the Name of the Basque Mother: The Repackaging of the 1939 Basque Exile in Javier de Isusi’s Asylum (2015)”

Nicholson, Melanie. “‘El oficio de mirar’: Regarding the Human-Animal Gaze in Three Texts by Julio Cortázar” 

Torres Cacoullos, Anna. “Writing for New Literacies: Pío Baroja’s Novela Film (1929)” 


Alejandra Uslenghi. "Argentine Fin-de-Siècle: Melancholic Decadence and the Rise of the Popular"

Argentine Intimacies: Queer Kinship in an Age of Splendor, 1890-1910. (Joseph Pierce)

Staging Frontiers: The Making of Modern Popular Culture in Argentina and Uruguay (William G. Acree, Jr) 

La joven moderna in Interwar Argentina: Gender, Nation, and Popular Culture (Cecilia Tossounian)